Below you will find several photo galleries I have compiled for those who don't participate in social media websites like Facebook and Google+ where most of my images reside. Feel free to browse through them at your liesure, and if you find an image that speaks to you in particular and you do not see it for sale in the online store, please contact me and I can make a special print available to you as soon as possible. Thank you, and enjoy!

There is virtually nothing more dramatic in nature than a thunderstorm colored with all the many hues of sunset. See all the breath-taking drama here in this extensive collection of some of the best stormy sunsets of the 2015 Summer Monsoon Season, collected from various locations in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. (24 Photos)

On August 31st 2015, a virtual army of thunderstorm cells marched into my neighborhood just before sunset, a photographers dream come true. I found a position on a nearby hilltop and miraculously remained safe and dry as these storms had me completely surrounded not just for sunet, but into the night where lightning flashed just miles away. (17 Photos)

Following a strong series of storms during the 2014-15 winter season, the warmer months of February and March presented a very wide variety of natural bouquets of exotic looking wildflowers that colored the Arizona desert with the brightest of sprinkles. Poppies and lupines, daisies and bladderpods, plumeseeds and larkspurs, globemallows of all colors, and many many more. (20 Photos)

On March 13th, 2015 a strong late winter storm hit the southwestern United States, bringing with it thunderstorms that often rained in the already hot, dry desert region of Arizona, but that rain seldom hit the ground. Known as "virga" this rain created a curtain of color in the sky at sunset that night, painting the heavens in yellow, oranges, and later a bright red rain that would lead into the darkness. (14 Photos)

With a strong winter storm system working through Arizona on Christmas Day 2014, I decided to give myself a special gift; a road trip up Mount Lemmon just outside of Tucson, Arizona. This is a 25 miles stretch of highway that begins around 2000 feet in elevation, runs through numerous ecosystems and winds up at over 8,000 feet above sea level. This drive is billed as the equivilent of driving from Mexico to Canada in just 90 minutes. (17 Photos)

Feather Follies, performed by the Bird-Brained Ballet is a comical look at freeze frame photographs of the birds that eat and play (and sometimes fight) right here in my own yard. When the weather is on vacation and I can't shoot landscapes, I find myself more and more just sitting on my front porch and watching/photographing these awesome little flying critters and their antics, which, as it turns out, is really good therapy for stress. (16 Photos)

This is it! The best of the best, my TOP-20 lightning captures of the 2014 monsoon season. It wasn't the best year for storms, at least not in my little desert playground, but it was enough to capture well over 50 exceptional images of lightning striking and lighting up the night. I lean toward the BIG BOLTS as my favorites, although capturing them up this close and personal can challenge the mettle of any photographer.
(20 Photos)

The Saguaro Cactus: iconic symbol of the Sonoran Desert, found nowhere else on the Earth. These towering giants are a true blessing to photographers and anyone who lives among them and can appreciate their incredible stamina to live for hundreds of years in a climate where most species would wither and die within a week. Once a year, in May and June, these spiney titans show their softer side, breaking out in beautiful yellow and white flowers. (23 Photos)

Collected over the Spring and Summer months of 2014, this gallery shows the amazingly beautiful side of these thorny and prickly devils, from the white and yellow saguaro flower, to the myriad colors displayed by various cholla cactus, to the brilliant magenta of a hedgehog cactus, to the night-blooming (and only one night each year) cereus, also known as The Queen of the Night. (22 Photos)

For any photographer who loves the combination of weather and an adrenalin rush, there is nothing more anticipated than the summer monsoon season in Arizona. Weather patterns every year create the perfect conditions for some of the most wicked thunderstorms outside of the midwest. This is a collection of photos captured over the 2014 monsoon season in the Arizona desert. (50 Photos)

A collection of photos of one of the most amazing sunrises I've ever witnessed, and photographed. As an added bonus, I was up early that morning and actually climbed to the top of a mountain to get a very unique vantage point of all the colors in all directions. Taken October 17th, 2014. (14 Photos)

I tend to give certain areas of the desert where I roam some kind of a name, from Vortex Canyon to Keller's Saddle, to Whiskey Rock. On this afternoon, it was one of my first visits to a brand new area that was difficult to access. I was so thrilled with the landscape, I named it "The Spot". (15 Photos)

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