A Novella
When Vacations Attack!

A surprise thunder and lightning storm knocks out the power on what had been an idyllic day at a Montana bear preserve, trapping the Camber Family in Bear Park. Suddenly, what was never supposed to happen, happens and the family of four find themselves fighting for their very lives against the thrashing jaws and slashing claws of an enraged grizzly bear that's blinded by it's own fury.

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Nineteen-year-old Rory Fisher is all but orphaned and alone in the world. Her only remaining loved one is her Yavapai grandfather, a once proud Indian, who is stricken with a diseased mind and confined to a nursing home in Twin Falls, Idaho.

In a rare moment of clarity the old Yavapai suddenly informs his granddaughter that the Spirits have spoken to him and the message is clear. She must leave immediately, on this very day, back to the land of his people in the red-walled canyons of Arizona.

The true purpose of the journey remains a mystery as Rory embarks on her quest to a place called Vortex Canyon, located in the wilderness just north of Sedona. She travels with only the promise of her grandfather; the promise that his Spirits will guide and protect her.

But will the Spirits speak to Rory, a Caucasian girl adopted by an Indian family, and not of true Yavapai blood? Was the training her grandfather gave to her as a child enough to reach out to the Spirit World in adulthood?

Only Rory's Story will tell…

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At first, Nick Morrison and Trevor Devane believe that solving a thirty-year-old mystery should be easy; even for two twelve-year-old boys.

Using Nick's psychic visions of the crime, they decide to piece together enough clues to identify the killer and capture the $10,000 reward. It soon becomes apparent that the boys are digging up bones that others would prefer remain buried. The harassment begins slowly with members of the local police force and quickly escalates into a serious threat to the young boys' investigation...and their lives!

As the boys dodge their pursuers and continue to gather clues, they begin to realize that the mystery may go much deeper than just the local police force. It appears there are even more powerful people trying to keep the past right where it is...buried and forgotten.

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